ITC Executive Director Ben Ramirez to Speak at Luleå TTIP Conference

ITC Executive Director Ben Ramirez to Speak at Luleå TTIP Conference

ITC Executive Director Ben Ramirez to Speak at Luleå TTIP Conference

International TTIP summit in Swedish Lapland 2-3 September 2015.

As the capital city of the state of Texas, global trade is an important driver of the strongest growth economy in the USA. A majority of Austin’s small and medium sized businesses look to Europe as their top market for trade. In an effort to provide support and additional resources for these local companies, the City of Austin established a comprehensive international economic development strategy. The private sector is now building upon this strategy by focusing upon the CITISTART initiative which links strategically identified cities of innovation around the world. Pairing Austin with Luleå within targeted industry clusters is designed to bring both communities measurable results, including more companies, more employment positions and new opportunities for R&D.

Additional speakers joining Mr. Ramirez include: Niklas Nordstrom, Mayor of Luleå; Colonel C-J Edstrom, CEO, Swedavia; Cecilia Malmstrom, Commissioner for Trade, European Commission; David Mothander, Nordic Policy Council, Google; Anna Rasmusson, CEO, Liko Hill-Rom; Joakim Hjorth, Lt. Colonel Chief of Staff, Norrbotten Wing Swedish Armed Forces; Lars Naslund, Managing Director Nordic Region, 3M; Maria Rankka, CEO, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce; Anna Stellinger, Director-General, The National Board of Trade; Eva Nordmark, Chairman of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees; Niklas Bergstrom, International Advisor, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise; Oscar Stenstrom, State Secretary at Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Government Offices of Sweden; Jan-Eric Sundgren, Senior Advisor, AB Volvo; Michael Punke, Deputy US Trade Representative, US Mission to the WTO; Peter Dahlen, Managing Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden; Karin Nilsdotter, CEO, Spaceport Sweden and Inger E. Pedersen, CEO, Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce.

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