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Semiconductors, China and Us

By Raye Ward A friend observed that Elon Musk is remaking Central Texas with companies that bore (rock), move (electric trucks), launch (space ships), and link (your brain). And yes, it seems that the South African native opted for this most business-friendly of states over progressive California. He’s not alone.
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Are We Learning Anything from China?

China welcomed Tesla’s EV manufacturing innovation and used it to build an EV supply chain. Where is America investing? By Raye Ward Del Valle, Texas, has made a bid for Tesla’s $1 billion electric truck Gigafactory, waiving some $46 million in property taxes over 10 years, with the county kicking in an additional
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Update from Pomerania

By Marcin Grzegory, Deputy Director at Invest in Pomerania During my meeting with you last year I promised to keep Austin’s international business community updated on Pomerania’s economy and growth in our region. I am proud to announce the 2020 edition of the state of the Business Services Sector
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The Pandemic, Jobs and Human Dignity

by Raye Elizabeth Ward Magical thinking gets us through what seems unendurable — grief, pandemics, subjugation, airplane flights. But now is not the time for it. We need to be sharp and practical to build the future we want for our ourselves and our country. When the shelter-in-place-order hit, lacking medical
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Memories of Morocco

By Mahalet Kefyalew For the first half of my Spring 2020 semester, I studied Migration and Transnational Identity in the capital of Morocco, Rabat. It is a coastal city, so you can spot the Atlantic from any terrace in the city.  The water gleams, even on the dullest and greyest of days. The city is […]
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Global Diplomacy Diploma

Bringing the world to classrooms and talking to today’s world leaders is something that the Global Scholars Diploma Program does on a daily basis. Whether it is a dialog with the Irish Consul General or discussions with the Georgian Ambassador to the United States — Mr. Michael Cunningham is searching
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