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The Great Listening

The Great Listening, inspired by Sweden’s 50-year-old Almedalen week of discourse, will host its inaugural event this November 16-17 in Austin.  Almedalen has welcomed leaders from diverse backgrounds like Karl Rove and Jesse Jackson to business leaders like Adam Kostyál, Nasdaq, Sr. VP and Dr. Catherine Mann,
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What is “The World Spins”: and Why Should I Go? Disruption, Innovation and the Future of Our World: Be There or Be Square

Every so often I’m struck by how lucky we are to live in Austin where there are so many people working on the cusp of disruption.  Our new series “The World Spins,”  will bring  people at the forefront of issues that are re-shaping the world we live in:  climate change, national security, blockchain technology,
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“Same Same But Different”: The Need for Cultural Competence in a Globalized World

by Anna Katrina Davey, Founder & President at Cultural Confidence   The iconic phrase “same same but different”, ubiquitously heard in the tourist areas of Thailand as well as other parts of Southeast Asia, is a metaphor I like to use to describe people and culture. While the versatile Tinglish expression
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