Global Scholar Diploma Program

Global Scholar Diploma Program

The World Affairs Council of Austin offers a Global Scholar Diploma program for qualifying high school students.  

A Project Based Learning System

Possessing the knowledge, skills, and mindset to thrive in our global society is no longer an optional component of responsible citizenship or successful employment. The Global Scholar Diploma is a “global education for all” program that thrives on inclusivity, equity, and access for all.  The program develops globally competent students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for leadership, citizenship, and careers in an interconnected, global society.  In partnership with schools all over the world, The World Affairs Council of Austin champions The Global Scholar Diploma program through innovative, interactive, and experiential approaches, global community partnerships, and collaborating business, governmental, NGO, and academic leaders.

Seven Curriculum Units

  1. Moot Court – Students bring an American Appeals Court Case to their classroom.

  2. Peace Day Challenge- Each year two different Peace Day challenges will be offered for September presentations.

  3. ICC Moot Court- Bring international criminals to justice in your classroom.

  4. Global Debates- Debate topics sourced from media headlines.

  5. International Moot Courts- Cases from Canada, Australia, South Africa, and India.

  6. Food For Thought- Monthly themed conferences on food and international cultures.

  7. Model Diplomacy- Today’s global problems discussed by future leaders of the world.

For example, students at Del Valle High School work on high level international educational projects– Community Matters, International Moot Court, The Big Debate, Academic WorldQuest, and international educational conferences with over 1,000 schools in more than 94 countries around the world.   

Students completing the program obtain certification in global affairs from the World Affairs Council of Austin.  Certification requirements include:

  1. Students must complete six courses across three different disciplines that are designated as “globally focused” by each individual high school and districts’ Global Scholar leadership. (Public Administration, Political Science, Debate) 
  2. Students must demonstrate skill in a foreign language.
  3. Students must participate in at least three globally-focused extra-curricular activities (i.e. Academic WorldQuest, Model UN, Austin Sister Cities, ICC Moot Court, or World Class Schools projects).
  4. Students must complete a minimum of twenty hours of globally-focused service learning.
  5. Students must complete a capstone research project that encapsulates their global competency. For example, students may present case studies on education systems around the world. 

High schools participating in the Global Scholar program have access to visiting professionalsdiplomatsauthors, and politicians.  Guest speakers address large groups of students at no cost.

We invite interested students and teachers to attend our speaker events at area venues or contact us to learn more.

Upon announcing the Global Scholar Diploma program, former Superintendent of DVISD Dr. Kelly Crook stated that  “The Del Valle model will hopefully spread the global outreach concept to other schools locally and around the world.”
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