Japan-Texas BizMatch

Japan-Texas BizMatch

The World Affairs Council of Austin’s Center for Global Trade has established an MOU with J-GoodTech, a division of Japan’s Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SMRJ). The partnership is specially tailored to connect Texan companies to potential customers and partners in Japan. J-GoodTech is comprised of over 16,000 qualified Japanese SME members representing numerous industry sectors.  These companies have operations in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and (of course) Japan. 

To review the specific needs of Japanese companies seeking Texas partners, visit the online platform

Texas companies seeking to connect with Japanese partners and feature their products on the BizMatch online platform may complete the form located here.



Learn more about the matching program and examples of the Japanese companies seeking Texan business partners by clicking HERE


The inaugural event for the BizMatch platform (held on September 26, 2018) featured visiting representatives of 24 Japanese companies seeking Texan R&D, JVs, sales, purchasing, distribution, ODM, and other partners in the manufacture of: Semiconductor; Cleantech; Machinery; Computer & Electronic Components; Electrical Equipment & Appliances; Aeronautic and Automotive; Fabricated Metal Products; Medical Devices; Remanufactured Goods; and Food Packaging.

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