Global Diplomacy Diploma

Global Diplomacy Diploma

Global Diplomacy Diploma

Bringing the world to classrooms and talking to today’s world leaders is something that the Global Scholars Diploma Program does on a daily basis. Whether it is a dialog with the Irish Consul General or discussions with the Georgian Ambassador to the United States — Mr. Michael Cunningham is searching the world to bring the very best education to not only his students but the students of Central Texas through the World Affairs Council of Austin’s Global Scholars Program.  

Michael Cunningham discusses future education projects with H.E. David Bakradze, the Republic of Georgia’s Ambassador to the USA

This program began as a pilot program during the 2018-19 school year.  By the end of that school year 1,059 teachers from 99 different countries had registered to participate. The Global Scholars Program, under the direction of  Mr. Michael Cunningham, has developed for the World Affairs Council of Austin a project-based learning curriculum that teachers can use daily in their classrooms.  

“The result of this effort will be changing the way we teach not only today but in the future as well.” explained Cunningham.  “Teaching in the 21st century should look a great deal different than it did in the 19th century.  However in many classrooms today this is not the case.  I am here to say that with our help this doesn’t have to be the case anymore.  With the use of applied technology we now can turn classrooms into courtrooms or bring political discussions from around the world right to your students.  We enable individual learning and discussions about today’s problems with tomorrow’s leaders.  This is real learning.  This is really important and this is available only through partnership with the World Affairs Council of Austin.”

The Honorable Claire McCarthy, Consul General of Ireland, joins Michael Cunningham on a panel discussion about the European Union during the National Council for the Social Studies

“Being a leader in the classroom today is much different than it has been in the past.  Our students are now competing on a worldwide basis.  We can no longer depend on textbooks to help us gain the knowledge we need to live in the 21st century or beyond.  Let the Global Scholars Diploma Program of the World Affairs Council of Austin show you the way to be a world-class school by bringing the world to your classroom.  Project-based, student- centered, fun, and exciting — these are no longer just mere words they are the cornerstone of your curriculum.”  Cunningham added, “Join us today.”

Author: WAC Austin

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