FRANCE AT SXSW 2020: Help Pick a Panel

FRANCE AT SXSW 2020: Help Pick a Panel

FRANCE AT SXSW 2020: Help Pick a Panel

by Liz Wiley, avid promoter of Austin’s & France’s tech sectors; lawyer & advisor supporting cross-border business; blockchain and DAO enthusiast

The breathtaking range of content for SXSW comes in large part from a creative public around the world: with persons from all walks of life and industry sectors proposing panel ideas to get us all up to speed on cutting-edge conversations. Year over year we are seeing increased participation from the French creative and tech sectors. Many thanks to our Consuls general of France (first Consul général Sujiro Seam, then our current Consul général Alexis Andres), Business France, and La French Tech: all have focused on SXSW as a lever for accelerating France-Austin connections and getting the word out there that France is a land of innovative engineers, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. It’s now time to select those panels that will become part of the line-up of programming at SXSW 2020. No time to waste — the deadline is Friday August 23.

Here is a list of the “French-forward” or France-related panels for this year. Take a minute to check out the speakers and topics. The deadline to vote is August 23, 2019! You must have a SXSW account to participate, but that is quick and easy to do.


Tech for Work that Works: People over Processes

Women in Retail: From Consumers to Decision Makers

From Stuffy Conference to Inclusive Tribe Jamming

In Search of the Elements that Make Teamwork Tick

Business and Investment

Expand Internationally While Keeping the Brand DNA

Health & Medtech

How Inclusion — Not More Data — Is Our Best Medicine

Future of Music

Why Europe is Hot on the World Map of Music Tech

Creating and Monetizing Music

The New Business Models in Music Tech Ecosystem


Immersive Wall: How to Learn from VR to TV

How to Produce World Class Immersive Storytelling

Hyperreality is Coming


Behind the Scenes of Esports Activations

Pushing the Boundaries of What Video Games Are


Mixing Data Sciences and Ethnography: A Handbook

Why 3D Is the Future of the Web

Did You Really Make That Choice?

Connection & Culture

Immersive Art: A New Digital Perspective

Joie de Vivre 1.0.1

Global Education

How France is Solving for the Skills Gap

Tech Industry & Enterprise


Media & Journalism

Building the World’s Largest Team of Fact-Checkers

Can Big Stories Free Us of the Attention Economy

Experiential Storytelling

Storytelling in the Era of Screens Specialization

When Video Games and Tech Bring History to Life

Advertising & Brand Experience

Conversational Marketing: Talk with Me, Not at Me

The New Codes of Beauty: Building Inclusive Brands

Driving Transformation in the Digital Age

Climate & Social Action

Environmental Injustice: Women and Climate Change

Author: WAC Austin

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