WACA Co-Hosts Japan-US Business Opportunity Dinner

WACA Co-Hosts Japan-US Business Opportunity Dinner

WACA Co-Hosts Japan-US Business Opportunity Dinner

June 17, 2015

AUSTIN-The World Affairs Council of Austin (WACA) is proud of have co-hosted a Japanese delegation in Austin for a Japan-USA Business Opportunity Dinner Panel and Discussion on June 17. The event examined the future of the US-Japan relationship and strengthening business ties between the two nations. Occurring in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of post-war cooperation between the US and Japan, the event was part of multi-city Japanese initiative called “Walk in America, Talk on Japan.”

“It is a great honor that our city was chosen for the Walk in the US, Talk on Japan initiative,” says Ben Ramirez, Vice President of WACA. “Word has certainly gone out about the youngest, smartest, fastest growing, safest and strongest economy in America.”

The Japanese delegation is led by former Japanese diplomat, Yasuo Saito. The remainder of the delegation consists of a former government official, a former Toyota employee, a junior college professor and a college student. Each member of the delegation spoke about topics related to Japanese politics, economics and society. At the Austin event, the delegation was joined by Nozumu Takaoka, Consul General of Japan in Houston since 2013. A key focus of the event was showcasing Japan as trade and investment destination, especially relating to Texas businesses. Among Japan’s economic advantages highlighted at the event were:

  • Japan is the world’s fourth-largest buyer of American products and our fourth-strongest trading partner overall.
  • Japan is at the vanguard of developed market demographics.
  • Japan is a technology powerhouse, a proving ground for consumer goods and services.
  • Due to these favorable attributes, the value of Texas exports to Japan surpassed $5.5 billion dollars last year.

Also covered were Japan’s impact on the Texas economy in both investment and job creation.

The event was held at the UT Club at the University of Texas at Austin. WACA’s event partners include the Office of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, City of Austin, Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce, Texas International Education Consortium, Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, US Department of Commerce, Camino Real District Export Council of Texas, U.S.-Japan Council, and the Austin-Oita Sister Cities Committee.

“This was a wonderful forum for learning about specific opportunities and the means to build on existing connections to establish stronger links between Texas and Japan. This is a market that should be considered by all Texas exporters,” Ramirez said. “WACA and our partners look forward to bringing Austin similar events in the future.”

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Author: Zoya Zia

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