World Affairs Councils have been one of the nation’s most influential platforms for discussing America’s rightful role in the world.

Madeleine Albright
Former U.S. Secretary of State

The work the world affairs councils do is so very important because the future of mankind will be determined by what happens in the area of foreign policy.

Walter Cronkite
American broadcast journalist

World Affairs Councils are organizations that have greatly enriched our communities culturally and intellectually by the caliber of speakers they bring in.

Ronald Reagan
Former President of the United States

As the world’s largest non-profit international affairs organization, World Affairs Councils play an important role in bringing a greater understanding of world affairs.

Kofi Annan
Former UN Secretary General

Over the years, the World Affairs Councils have attracted leaders from around the world to their forums. This is vital for informing and engaging the American people.

Tom Brokaw
NBC News
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