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The future of humanity is at stake: Roy Casagranda on Thomas Pickering and the Iran nuclear deal

By Roy E. Casagranda, PhD and Professor of Government at Austin Community College The dominant world order for 6,350 years, that the Middle East and North Africa has been host to at least one world superpower, has been turned upside-down for last 150 years. This is the result of successful British, French, and US
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Saudi Arabia Pivots toward China: The Rise of a New Global Order

What is one to make out of King Salman of Saudi Arabia recent trip to Asia? The answer is the kingdom’s worries about the economic and security impact of the inevitable shift in global geopolitics. Though, I am not surprised at this visit given the fact the kingdom is reassessing its economic and security
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Young African Entrepreneurs Win in Austin

For the fourth consecutive year, the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders held a pitch competition in Austin. Twenty-five young entrepreneurs from African countries including Guinea, Nigeria and the Central African Republic presented their ideas for improving lives in their communities and
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No Bees Means No…

By Betsy Mckinney The bumble bee, a once-abundant species spanning 31 states and multiple Canadian provinces, has been added to the Endangered Species List. Their alarming decline is cause for extreme international concern—wild bees are vital to a functioning global environment, health, and business. Why? These
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Embrace new technologies to help transform your business for the digital age

Today, digital transformation is affecting all businesses at a more rapid pace than ever before. Now is the time to embrace new technologies to help transform your business for the digital age, or risk becoming obsolete. Blockbuster Video and Kodak are recent examples of companies which were destroyed by new
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AquAdvantage: Helpful or Harmful?

For the first time in history, a genetically engineered animal has been approved for human consumption: AquaBounty Technology’s salmon-creation, known as AquAdvantage. Its genetic makeup is comprised of components from three fish: base DNA from an Atlantic salmon; a growth gene from a Pacific Chinook salmon; and a
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10 Etiquette Tips for Hosting an Elegant Holiday Office Party

The author, Sharon Schweitzer, an expert on international business etiquette and protocol, will host an etiquette dinner in early 2017. Check back for details!   With the start of the holidays comes the joy of holiday business parties. We all know there are parties that we look forward to, while others
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Study abroad: Learning to live for the details

This summer I learned that there is a beautiful reason why clichés prevail. In Heredia, Costa Rica, a substantial town tucked between San Jose and the Poas Volcano, I lived and breathed gallo pinto (beans and rice) and hunted for hidden coves in brilliant green and muggy understory. My Spanish proficiency
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